Just a few of the ways WorkCabin Communications can help you

Clients who want fresh, creative, conversational and attention-grabbing advertising copy turn to Gregg’s experience. Today, too many organizations and businesses attempt to craft advertising copy inhouse with inexperienced writers, or worse, turn the responsibility of writing content over to newspaper or radio station ad reps (oops, there’s more of that inexperience for writing fresh ad copy!). Even worse still, traditional media outlets suffer from recycling syndrome: the same approach to advertising content that gets recycled time and time again. That’s where a set of outside fresh eyes makes a big difference. Why pay hundreds of dollars for advertising space, and then watch the actual content of that advertising be dull, boring and uninspiring.
Massive staffing cutbacks to traditional media means organizations having a new opportunity to provide quality, publish-ready stories and photos that content-hungry media will use. It is a great way to control the messaging, yet provide journalist-quality news articles. Gregg is an award-winning writer, journalist and editor with a long track record of producing superior news stories.
Need a polished writer to create the content for a brochure, guide or report? Gregg can take on the project from start to finish