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Gregg’s most popular half-day workshops

Note: Customized workshops can also be created that are unique to your requirements

Workshop #1: Social media: Help! We’re newbies!

  • Basic account setup and/or basic functions of the top social media platforms.
  • Understanding the major social media platforms and which ones are right for your organization
  • Getting buy-in from across your organization and why social media is a must-have today
  • Developing a social media plan so you have a specific goal and purpose that is aligned with your organization

Workshop #2: Taking your social media to the next level

Note: This is a workshop that involves worksheets and plan development

  • Why there is urgency in ramping up your social media, especially in rural markets
  • Understanding why storytelling is essential, and, how to find your organization’s best stories
  • Learning about specific tools and approaches used by other organizations
  • The areas of your organization that can directly benefit from having a social media strategy
  • Why sugar-coating fails and showing emotion wins on social media

Workshop #3: Media relations: How to plan and take control

Note: This is a workshop that involves worksheets and plan development

  • Challenges faced by the media and how you can help media do their job and promote your organization at the same time
  • Understanding the types of news stories that media are most interested in today
  • Understanding the different types of journalist ‘personalities’ and how to manage each encounter
  • How to prepare messaging in advance of media interviews and how to direct the conversation where you want to go
  • At the conclusion of the workshop, you receive a copy of Gregg’s 28-page Basic Insider’s Guide to Media Relations: What you need to know to be successful working with reporters. This unique book is based on Gregg’s many years working in rural newspapers as a journalist and managing editor