Why choose WorkCabin Creative to build your website?

Other agencies have revolving doors of website building technicians coming and going. At WorkCabin Creative, you work directly with Gregg. Always have. Always will. Our clients call that dependability.



A sample of recent websites

  • Use of open-source Content Management Systems (WordPress, Joomla), rather than proprietary website systems pushed by some other agencies that are designed to handcuff you to them and pay long-term, ongoing fees.
  • When you need help, or service for your website, you can be assured that help will be prompt. Your website is key to your business. We get that.
  • Gregg takes the time to help you learn your new website so you can manage as much of it as possible and save money.
  • Fair. honest pricing. Websites should be affordable. If you’re told your new website will cost upwards of $3500 to $10,000, talk to WorkCabin Communications BEFORE you commit to another agency’s project quote. We build better at a better rate. Period.
  • A great looking modern website. The rural landscape is littered with messy, unappealing websites. Worse still, are new websites being launched today that look like they belong in 1996 not 2016. Web design standards matter.

WorkCabin Creative can build you a new website, or update an existing website. We use open-source Content Management Systems (ie. WordPress or Joomla) because they are superior, offer far more flexibility, and have incredibly user-friendly administration capabilities. This means you can manage your website and save money.
Don’t want to be bothered with adding content to your site, or making changes. WorkCabin Communications can manage all aspects of your site for you, or just make changes as needed. It’s up to you. Either way, WorkCabin Communications can do the work while you concentrate on other duties.
“Thank you Gregg McLachlan for building me the most amazing site! When Gregg finished building my website for my tour company LongPointTours.com I was more than impressed. I had approached Gregg in the fall of 2013 about getting a website done not having any clue as to what I wanted. Gregg helped with choosing the right design and knows everything there is to know about functionality. He is not only easy to work with and creative but anytime I had an inquiry he would get back to me right away. LongPointTours.com is a very interactive website, it is easy to navigate, has lots of good information and the best part (which was Gregg’s design/idea) is you feel like your already on tour the moment you go on our homepage. I have had lots of positive feedback about the site, I’ve even had people tell me it’s the best one in Norfolk County! One thing that has been very helpful is the technical support Gregg provides; he made the site really simple/easy for me to edit content but whenever I have something I can’t figure out, he’s quick to help get things sorted. Others perks of working with Gregg: He installed Google Analytics which shows you where your web traffic is coming from, (you can actually see it in real time). Gregg is also very knowledgeable on social media, he not only helps with linking it to you pages, but will go out of his way to give you advice on how to use it effectively. I have seen some real amazing results from this, in fact one day I had over 24,000 views on a post. To sum this up, hands down couldn’t have had a better person do my website. In my opinion I highly recommend Gregg to anyone looking at getting one done for there business or updating an old one. For what you pay and what you get it is well worth it!” Garrett Reid, Owner/Operator, Long Point Tours.