We tell awesome small-town stories.

Too often, amateur videos make brands look boring to audiences.

We don’t do boring. Your brand isn’t boring.

The power of visually showing your brand story has never been greater. A professional storytelling video is memorable. It also attracts customers. Professional is Gregg’s videography difference. He specializes in professional ready-for-web videos spanning 30 seconds to two minutes. His expertise makes sure you stand out from amateur videos.

How do you get started? Well, it begins with a chat over coffee. We get to know you and what you do. We’ll also learn about your desired goals for a video, and whom you’re trying to reach. Once we learn all this, we create a project outline. You don’t pay a cent for any of this. In the outline we will detail how we will approach creating an effective storytelling video for you, and the cost to create the production. If you like it, you sign and return it, and we’re good to go to create an awesome video for you.



Hire WorkCabin Creative when you want to make an investment to go beyond amateur video

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“Gregg’s expertise and deep experience in storytelling really helped me tell the authentic story about my business. The compliments I have received on my video have really shown the power of a professionally produced video for showing customers my art studio and business and best of all, getting to know me and my passion for what I do.” ~ J. Panacci, Panacci Pottery Studio

“Gregg is killer behind the lens!” ~ Michael Mathews, Red Wolf Landscaping

“Not often does a plan come together smoothly, effortlessly and timely — Gregg effortlessly created an exact image of the video that I imagined playing out. Thanks again to Gregg for making this a great experience and a profitable one. The video has increased business!” ~ Lisa Ramey, The Waterford Girl By Dirty Girl Soap Studio

“Working with Gregg on the filming of The Field Biologist video was a great experience. He was a true professional throughout each step of the process. Gregg was able to help us tell a story that was compelling, visually appealing and overall very impactful.” ~ Jody Allair, biologist and science educator, Bird Studies Canada

“So glad we decided to get with it and invest in your professional videos. We are having a great response. WooHoo.” ~ Lisa Engelhardt Robinson, My Top Drawer

Common questions

If that question was easy to answer, we’d tell you right away. But we can’t. Every project and needs are different. And it takes some pretty expensive gear to make a professional video. Plus, it can take hours of film editing and producing to deliver a final product. Until we get to know you, what you’d like, and the resources required to make that happen, we don’t know how much it will cost. Well, we can tell you this: our video productions aren’t $150 moonlight specials, yet we are incredibly affordable. Our clients are folks who are willing to invest in a great video.
Expensive. That’s the short answer. We use all professional video gear and shoot in HD. Plus we have all the extra gear to make your shoot standout. We have a 7-foot gib arm, stabilizer rigs, umbrella studio lights, LED panel lights, professional microphones, light reflectors, wide assortment of lenses, slider rails, etc. We also have an action camera and 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for those times when you want some action where the footage is butter smooth. Oh, and for those really special scenes, we can even string up a professional 200-foot zipline camera system. In fact, we hear it all the time at video shoots… “We didn’t know it required so much gear!” Yes, professional does.
Absolutely. The storytelling process is a major part of pre-planning. It helps us pre-plan scenes (that’s right, we don’t show up and wing it. It’s all carefully planned). It also helps you be prepared for the big day.
No. We can’t stand those boring talking head videos (example: two people standing and talking for three minutes). Dullsville! We create professional storytelling videos that blend a few short scenes of you talking with other voiceover scenes (your voice isn’t on screen but your voice is) to tell a compelling visual story. For us, every great story has a beginning, middle and end. It takes time to capture all of the scenes. We create videos that keep people watching.
It can take anywhere from a week to several weeks depending on the project. A lot of preparation goes into every video shoot. Our process involves pre-shoot planning, on-set shooting, editing and producing. There’s a lot of work that can go into, for example, producing a single two-minute video from hours of footage. And there’s the music tracks, preparing proper formats, enhancing footage, etc. So, in a nutshell, we like to be paid fairly.
Every track we use on commercial film projects is completely licensed. We do not use non licensed tracks or top-40 tracks that are frequently used illegally in many amateur productions. We know that brands trust us to ensure their reputation is not put at risk by illegal and/or non-licensed music