When senior consultant Gregg McLachlan takes on your project, there is no revolving door of account reps, passing the buck, or delays waiting to get final approval from a company president who seems to be in closed-door meetings most days.

Rather than being treated as just another client on an agency list, Gregg becomes an integral and connected part of your team before, during and after a project. He shares your same care and concern for your process, goals and outcomes.

What makes Gregg McLachlan and WorkCabin Communications different:

  • High-quality work, plus you receive a genuine touch of small-town service
  • Gregg McLachlan rolls up his sleeves and personally works on your account. (At big agencies, your work is typically passed around among various reps)
  • Gregg intimately understands rural nonprofits because he founded a hugely successful one. He conceptualized, researched, branded, marketed and launched the Norfolk HERicanes Girls Minor Hockey Association. As president, he oversaw its board of directors for five years
  • You get incredibly reasonable rates (Gregg offers fantastic value + outstanding results compared to agencies who must incorporate high overhead and large payrolls into project quotations)
  • Gregg is a thought leader. He has been on the big stage sharing his expertise as a guest speaker, including at Ryerson University’s annual Wordstock conference, Canadian Association of Journalists Super Conference, boards of education, in-house training programs, and Annual General Meetings
  • Gregg actively uses the tools he talks about (social media, podcasts, etc); that means, for example, you’ll receive advice and strategy from an actual Twitter user, not a non-Twitterer who attempts to ‘train’ others
  • Gregg walks the talk in his own life. As a successful entrepreneur, he founded, marketed and promoted the online startup, WorkCabin.ca, in 2007. He has since grown it to become Canada’s premiere Environmental Jobs Site, a respected service used by reputable employers across the country and internationally