Every organization and business should be using social media. Period. There should be no debate about this issue today. It’s a must-have in your toolbox for customer engagement.

Gregg is Norfolk County’s most experienced social media user. On Twitter alone, he has more than 6000 followers. He has been featured by Tweep in Profile, a regular podcast series interviewing some of the best and brightest in social media in Canada and the U.S.

Interested in learning how to leverage social media to boost your organization,  business or nonprofit’s goals? WorkCabin Communications offers half-day or full-day training to get you started and on the path toward building relationships on social media.

Gregg can help you:

  • connect with existing customers and potential customers via social media
  • generate buzz about your organization or business
  • learn Twitter in a day with our on-site Twitter workshop (one-on-one training or group training)
  • leverage social networking every day to interact with your audience and promote your organization
  • use social networking as a key component of fundraising drives and public campaigns
  • drive traffic to your website, and build your online ‘community’ of potential customers
  • use social networking to control your message
  • develop a plan to pitch integration of social media into your overall marketing plan

Are you getting social media help from a social media user?: Yes, it’s a silly question. Unfortunately, there are many social media training programs, such as Twitter, being run by people who don’t tweet themselves, or barely use the tool. Before you book any training session, find out whether the trainer actually uses social media