Gregg is widely recognized as a leading power social media professional in southwestern Ontario



Looking to hire a social media ‘professional’ that actually uses social media? Don’t laugh. Lots of people pitch themselves as social media ‘professionals’ but many can’t back up that assertion once you look at their social media accounts. Many have few followers. Worse, they are occasional social media users.



From his little village of less than 150 folks, Gregg has built a wide reputation for walking the talk about thinking big and doing big in small towns. He has used social media to build a small-town business into the largest online business of its kind in Canada. He has strategized and managed social media for nonprofit provincewide campaigns. Campaigns that he has been directly involved in have also been featured on local radio and newspapers, CBC, CHCH Television, Global TV and CTV.

Gregg’s depth of experience stands out

Gregg has worked with municipalities, government agencies, chambers of commerce, small businesses and organizations to provide one-on-one training, virtual management, ad campaigns, and for guest speaking at conferences and workshops. Gregg‘s big difference is he intimately knows the unique challenges of rural organizations, constraints on time, and how to engage audiences on social media. His advice and presentations are practical. He’s not someone who parachutes in from the city to present solutions that are not practical for small-town businesses and organizations.

Experience that gets results

  • Develop your social media strategy
  • Help you grow your social media community
  • Provide you with monthly traffic reports
  • Strategic Facebook advertising with precision targeting and analytics
  • Workshop and conference speaking
  • One-on-one training and coaching
  • Social media management (bulk hours package)
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“I spent 10 days, travelled almost 1000km to three different cities over the past month getting pieces of the social media puzzle while the whole picture was only 100ft away in just 3 hrs.”
Workshop attendee