Proven track record of thinking bigger and doing bigger


Gregg McLachlan, CPRWCommunications strategist + Rural social media trailblazer + Videographer. Gregg was a nominee for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 in his rural community of 60,000 people

Based in his studio agency in Norfolk County, ON, Gregg has crafted a reputation for thinking differently and creatively to help small businesses and organizations go beyond the average that permeates most small-town marketing today. Gregg’s clients are ones who don’t want to blend in. They want to stand out. His award-winning TweetFolkTours initiative has been hailed in both the U.S. and Canada for its innovation in helping small-town businesses better connect with consumers in the digital age.

Gregg has revitalized the marketing of small-town businesses, trained provincewide organizations, managed large-scale provincewide social media campaigns, and even a high-profile social media campaign based in downtown Toronto. Campaigns that he has been directly involved in have also been featured on local radio and newspapers, CBC, CHCH Television, Global TV and CTV.

His broader experience across a variety of sectors, and a diverse range of clients, big and small, and communities is what makes him a sought after go-to rural expert.

And, he doesn’t just talk about thinking big in a rural community. He does big as a rural entrepreneur. In 2007 he founded an online environmental job board business that leapfrogged established competitors and is now regarded as the premiere service of its kind across Canada.