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Why Hire Gregg?


Social media, especially, can be a subject that goes over the heads of many rural folks, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Gregg uses an engaging and straightforward style that small-town audiences can relate to. He’s not another one of those big-city ‘experts’ who parachute into small towns with ideas and strategies that are not realistic for the realities of rural budgets, rural life or rural audiences.

Before he was a consultant, he built his own successful online national business

Gregg uses his own experiences building and marketing a successful business,, that leapfrogged existing competitors and is now the largest site of its kind in Canada. And he did it (and continues to do it!) from a hamlet with a population of less than 150 folks.


Some people talk about ideas but never take action. Not Gregg. He has demonstrated leadership by continually moving the fence posts forward in his rural community. He believes in the value of creative disruption to challenge the status quo that so many small towns are stuck in.

“Gregg McLachlan knows what he’s talking about. He shares his expertise propelling rural businesses & organizations to embrace the power of social media.”
Melissa Collver, manager, Norfolk County Heritage and Culture Department
“Great experience working with Gregg – he understands how rural based groups can succeed utilizing social media tools – the worldwide web maybe a big place but with Gregg’s help you will know how to take on the world marketplace!”
Steve Scheers, Senior Forest Conservation Officer, Norfolk County Forestry Department
“Gregg’s media training workshop at our national headquarters was excellent. Gregg led our staff through valuable, fun learning activities, and shared a wealth of useful tools, tips, and materials to support our media relations efforts.”
Elaine Second, Communications & Public Affairs Manager, Bird Studies Canada
“Individuals ‘think’ they know all about using Facebook and Twitter, … until you attend a workshop like Gregg’s. Wonderful presentation style that you have.”
“Gregg brings the material to life. I like his energy, enthusiasm, knowledge on the topic of social media.”
“I have NEVER seen so many people taking so many notes! His talk was informative and entertaining, and really got people thinking about various ways to use social media. If you want someone to explain how social media operates today — and how your business or non-profit organization can take advantage — get Gregg!”
Cheryl MacDonald, Haldimand Norfolk Cultural Association
“Well organized, started on time, speaker excellent – like how his information is presented, he is very knowledgeable.”
“I am newer to social media and I left charged with ideas.”
“This workshop really prepared us both for using social media and provided us with evidence and forms of documentation that we could present to the boards of our organizations to show the value of social media.”
“First rate – very pro.”
“Extremely informative, knowledgeable and engaging.”
“Learned more today in three hours then I have in the last three conferences I have attended that were two and three days long.”
“Individuals ‘think’ they know all about using Facebook and Twitter … until you attend a workshop like Gregg’s.”