Fantastic, you’ve got a website! Now what? Have you looked at it lately? Is it effective?

Here are five things you should look to put your website through a mini checkup:

  1. How does your website look on a mobile device? Is it responsive? That’s a must today as more than 50% of all web searches happen on a mobile device. If the viewer has to pinch and zoom with two fingers because your website is old school, that means they will immediately abandon your website
  2. When was the last time you examined your Google Analytics? Do you know which web pages are visited most? Do you know the average time spent on your website? Do you know where visitors are coming from? You need to dig deeper to have an understanding of whom your website is attracting and their behaviours when they are on your site
  3. Is your website stale of fresh? If your website content looks the exact same as two years ago, you have a stale website. Today, Google loves fresh content. That means continual fresh content. It’s one of the keys of good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So start adding fresh content!
  4. Do you have calls to action on home page? A home page is either the starting point or the abandonment point of a website. Are you doing a good enough job of prompting visitors to go deeper into your website? This has zero to do with your main menu. This has everything to do with buttons, prompts, etc.,  that lead visitors to new landing pages
  5. Are you following the less is more for text approach? In the old days, lots of text was the norm on websites. Today it’s the exact opposite. You need to get to the point. Time is valuable.