Not every organization or business needs a giant website with many, many pages, photo galleries, etc. That’s where the option of a single page website design may be a solution, especially for small businesses with a limited focus. It’s not a design that would benefit a small business with large product lines.

A single page website is a design approach that really takes advantage of a behaviour that many of us are used to when we use our smartphones > scrolling up or down. Think of it this way…. you open the home page of a website and you start scrolling down. It’s all there in sequence.

The benefits are that your users immediately have a very intuitive and simple design that can get them to a key area of your web site faster and, potentially, to your call to action. Single-page web design often greatly reduces the annoyance of multiple clicks in traditional web design which can lead to customer abandonment if the clicks become too many.

Of course, you never want a single-page web design that forces visitors to scroll and scroll and scroll. This type of web design requires planning so that you are maximizing content and helping visitors get to where they want to be fast.

Wondering if a single-page web design is something worth exploring as an option? Ask me!