LongPointTours.com, a new website for ecotourism operator Garrett Reid was launched this week by WorkCabin Communications. Right from the beginning of strategy meetings with Garrett, I immediately identified the need that his new website had to use a visual-first approach. Text won’t sell his amazing tours to the tip of Long Point, Ontario. Images were the call to action. Images would inspire potential customers to take that next step and book an excursion.

I did a competitive analysis of websites in the local community and developed a design strategy that would make this new website stand out as a leading and progressive example of modern design and functionality.

The website is fulling ecommerce with an integrating system designed specifically for tourism operators. Whats more, the website is built on the WordPress platform which means Garrett can easily administer the system and avoid costly ongoing maintenance fees which are typical of websites built on custom, proprietary website platforms that usually cost thousands more and lack modern design.

Also of note, the new website is fully responsive, meaning it automatically adjusts to whatever mobile device is being used. That is a huge advantage for tourists who are carrying their mobile devices wherever they go, and also a big advantage to Garrett who can easily administer his website from his phone.

Checkout LongPointTours.com