For the most part, the debate about your business using social media for ‘push’ marketing is so yesterday’s news. We’ve moved way past this debate. Er, um, or so we thought.

Unbelievably in 2013, the struggle to convince some businesses that push marketing on social media is a non-starter continues. It is an issue in areas where social media acceptance and use remains in its infancy. For social media strategists it can be frustrating. I mean, really, do we still have to convince businesses that Twitter is an awesome tool for having a conversation with target audiences?

What is push marketing? Well, it is doing nothing else but spammy post after spammy post about consumers saving 10%, or whatever else you’re trying to push down their throats (oops, I mean their social media stream), if only they would walk through your door.

Let’s go over this one more time:

  1. In the social media age, you create customers by developing relationships through conversation. When you develop a relationship, people will naturally gravitate toward you. No pushing required.
  2. Social media enables you to let audiences experience you from the comfort of your chair, ask you questions, and share similar interests. Once again, no pushing required.
  3. Pushy people become old really fast on social media. Why? because there are just too many other people out there who get the ‘social’ in social media and are worth getting to know, and most importantly, interested in getting to know you through conversation.