If there’s one marketing tool that’s overlooked by small businesses today, I’d have to list wifi near the top of the list. Have you experienced the frustration of being in a locally-owned restaurant, pulling out your smartphone, and seeing there is no free wifi available? And it never fails, just up the street at the chain restaurant, of course, customers are enjoying free wifi.

The cost-effective nature of adding free wifi for customers is a no-brainer. Yet way too many small-town businesses don’t do it. Some small-town business owners will scoff at the idea. “People spend too much time on their smartphones…. they don’t need to be doing that in my shop!” some shopkeepers will say. Woah. Time to take your head out of sand. Look around you. People use their smartphones everywhere. It’s life. Besides, it shouldn’t be about what you think. You’re in the business of serving customers, remember?

Sadly, if you’re resisting wifi, you’re falling behind a consumer trend that is not going to fade. It will only grow.

Watch the terrific video on wifi for businesses. And then think strongly about embracing the idea.