Here’s the scenario: Your organization needs a new website. You contact several website design companies.

Two companies tell you they can build your website using a CMS (Content Management System). This usually refers to one of the three popular open-source web softwares: Drupal, Joomla or WordPress.

The third website design company tells you it can build your website using their special custom web design software. This is usually code for ‘proprietary’ website system. It means the software is exclusive to this company. In other words, you could be handcuffed to them and the ongoing maintenance fees that accompany that exclusivity. That’s because only they know the system. And only they can change it or update.

If you’re fine with that arrangement, then OK. Just do your homework on what happens after the website is built and the ongoing fees to maintain the site. Paying upwards of $100 per hour just to have someone add a single news article can be very expensive every time you need new content put on your site.

Today’s free, open-source website Content Management Systems (CMS) can easily put you in control of managing your own portal and saving money.

Website designers that truly care about YOUR needs will take the time to explain systems to you and show you how to use your website’s administration backend system so you can be in control of your site and stay on budget.