CPRW Certified Professional Resume Writer Norfolk County Brantford OntarioOne of the big trends in resumes is to use bullet points. Used sparingly, they can help attract eyes to key points. But unfortunately, too many resumes suffer from bullet point overload.

Using bullet points in every section, including profile, skills, education, certifications, job roles, etc., etc., is a sure-fire way to confuse eyes and create visual fatigue fast.Your page can quickly look like it’s promoting polka dots instead of you.

Start counting your bullet points on your resume. If you have upwards of 35 to 50 you are at risk of resume death by bullet point. You absolutely must limit bullet points to key information on your resume, rather than every bit of information in your resume.

So, how do you avoid Death by Bullet Point in your resume? It begins with style variation. Start by using different techniques to make information stand out.

  • Perhaps a table can be used to highlight your skills
  • In sections where you are highlighting job postions, use a subhead below the position title to emphasize a key component of that job role
  • Consider using a different dingbat symbol (a diamond?) for areas such as Certifications, Training, etc.
  • In areas featuring Education, try to eliminate bullets altogether. Use a combination of regular and italics fonts (School in regular, Program title in italics, etc)

With a little work, you can reduce your use of bullet points to about 15. Your revised resume will finally have fewer but key eye-catching bullet points that stand out!

Gregg McLachlan is a CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer) and a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. Learn more.