Norfolk County Ontario people on TwitterTraditional media advertising (newspapers, magazines, radio) is about push marketing. It’s all one way. Unfortunately, many businesses attempt to transfer this approach to social media.

Social media isn’t about push advertising. It’s not meant to be used for only tweeting about open time slots for a hairdresser. Or only tweeting about real estate open houses. If these are all you’re using Twitter for, you will end up with few followers. If I’m not interested in making a hair salon appointment, or visiting a real estate open house, I’ve got no reason to follow you.

Stop trying to have your Twitter stream duplicate your Friday print ad in the newspaper about weekend real estate open houses.

Now, change your Tweeting to be about your interests outside of work, your thoughts on customer service, or sharing events and tidbits about our community and you’ll have a much chance of engaging me (and many others).

Of course, tweeting about available timeslots for hairdressers, or real estate open houses can work if they represent a small fraction of your overall tweeting. But when they dominate your Twitter stream it’s a fail.

Twitter isn’t about being self-centred and self-serving. Stop pushing your business agenda. Start pulling us in with conversation.

It’s interesting that many of the best and most effective businesses on Twitter rarely push followers to visit their stores. Followers want to do that naturally because these stores are so darn engaging on Twitter.