Most organizations build email and traditional mail marketing lists. But fewer organizations build social lists. It’s time to rethink your list building in the social media era.

Twitter is an ideal platform to build social lists. You can make your lists public or private. And you can build as many lists as you like.

Building social lists enables you to listen in to what users in that list are tweeting about. It’s this listening component that makes social lists so important. You can also use these opportunities to get involved in conversations. The brilliance of social lists is that you can get people to follow you back. Try doing that with a traditional mailing list. You likely won’t get many return letters….. OK, perhaps bounced emails!

You can build lists across demographics, supporters, politicians, colleagues, and industry professionals.

Keep in mind that the big difference between traditional mailing lists, email lists and social lists is that the latter is really better defined as a listening & conversation list.