When was the last time you did an audit of the communications effectiveness of your Facebook fan page? Organizations and businesses often go to great lengths to create and maintain a fan page. Yet most overlook one important aspect: Can your fans, non-fans or potential supporters/donors/customers easily reach you?

The answer is often no. Sure, your fans can post on your wall and comment. And you’ll get a notification. If they dig around your fan page under your Info tab, they may even find contact information. But seriously, this all adds up to far too much clicking and too much searching.

There is a better way.

One of my favourite Facebook apps is Contact Me. It’s simple and free. Best of all, it places a Contact Us tab and professional contact form directly on your page. You can even customize the form with your own logo.

Non-fans can then easily see this tool and contact you. Fans can use it too.  But, most importantly, people don’t have to be logged in to Facebook to use it. It makes connecting with you easy. And that’s a big part of effective communication.

A contact form is a crucial aspect for most websites. Yet on social media like Facebook, it has become a forgotten must-have tool. It’s time to change that.