Norfolk County Ontario people on TwitterIt’s easy to forget the little things when you’re tweeting up a storm. One of the most forgotten parts of any social media account is the need to continually review your profile wording and how you are best putting forth your brand. So take a few minutes and start putting your Twitter account through a little tuneup.

Here are 10 easy things to do on your Twitter account today:

1.  Have you added your Facebook url to your Twitter bio? It’s another easy way to drive traffic to your other main social media stream. Just type the FB url directly into your bio field under > Edit your profile

2. Edit often. You have 160 characters to work with in your bio. Take advantage of that space. Every character is precious. Are you wasting characters by just duplicating what you already have in your Name field? Your bio can be edited and revised often.

3. Are you using the Name field in your profile to its best potential? Twitter allows you to tweak your Name (this is not the same as your Twitter @username). Perhaps your Name is just the name of your institution or business. That may work if your username is not as direct. But your Name field can capture more. Could it be a tagline that pulls people in? Look at how your Twitter account shows in a Twitter stream (see the top line above each of your tweets). Is your Username just repeated by your Name? Eliminate duplications. Think strategically with every word in your profile. It has to be looked at as a package all working together to pull people in.

4. Doublecheck your Location field on your profile. Do you have town name and province? Every little nugget helps you on Twitter searches!

5. Are you tweeting too much with a @username to begin your tweets? If you are, you are potentially missing out on the crowdsourcing component of Twitter in front of your full followers. Starting a tweet with @username is a reply. Your tweet will only be seen in the stream by that user and people who are following both of you. So you automatically reduce the volume of people seeing your tweeting.

6. What is your RT to tweeting ratio? Some people on Twitter do nothing but RT (retweet) what other people are saying. And worse, they add no comment to the RT. If you tend to do this, you may end up losing followers because people get the impression you aren’t interesting in joining the conversation. Strike a nice balance.

7. Are you automatically connecting your tweets to be auto-posted to your Facebook account?
Twitter allows you to configure this in your Twitter profile. But be forewarned: this can be extremely annoying to your Facebook followers. Have you looked at your Facebook stream lately? Your tweets could be clogging up the Facebook stream of your friends. And worst of all, you really aren’t on Facebook to realize it. Wow, some ‘Friend’! #fail. Maybe it’s time to disconnect the Twitter to Facebook feature on your Twitter account.

8. Get a different perspective. It’s always a smart idea to see how your bio looks, along with other tweeps. Look at a Following or Followers list to see how your bio stands out, or goes thud. Looking at your bio in this manner can give you a whole new perspective as a regular person seeing bios and who stands out and who doesn’t.

9. Take a regular little step than shows you care. There’s nothing worse than a tweep who doesn’t care about doing housecleaning on their Followers list. We’re not talking about folks you simply don’t wish to follow anymore. We’re talking about the fembots (ladies that um, er, say they like to do certain things in their short bios), obvious spammers, or Twitter accounts that are obvious bots where no actual human is present. Clean out the crap from your Follower list. If nothing else, it says you care.

10. Does your bio have some personality? Your bio is essentially your invite to others to join you in conversation. It’s your 160-character greeting. It’s either deadpan or it’s welcoming. Put your bio through a warmth test. Does it best mirror what you would tell someone really quickly in person about why you’re terrific to follow?