If you are an organization or small business based in a rural area here’s a dose of reality: some of your audience may be on dialup Internet. Yes, as prehistoric as that may seem, dialup still exists today. Just take a drive out into the country and ask. There’s a lot of pain out there when a big file takes forever to download on someone’s email.

So, what does this mean for communications and marketing? Well, if your audience is partly on dialup, be mindful when sending info via email (ie. newsletters, etc.). Clogging your dialup audience’s email with files that take forever to download will generate anger and lead to unsubscribes.

You need to think lightweight with any PDFs, email newsletters, etc. Actually, you should be thinking this way anyways. But in a rural area it is an absolute must. Try to keep your email newsletters to below 100k (below 50 k is even better to ensure fast download times). That means resizing photos to small file sizes too.