Shop local in Norfolk County OntarioGiving back is something that many of us hold in high regard today. In the communications business, especially when you’re based in a rural community, you hear many stories from small businesses. Many of these stories are the same: the same old traditional marketing approaches aren’t working any more. The other dilemma? Marketing budgets are limited. So, what do you do?

I love my community.  I don’t want to see it fall behind in the digital technology age. We have to have investment from within to solve problems. Gone are the days when we could hope others would arrive on a white horse and create solutions for small businesses in our communities. Giant media corporations are slashing their focus on local with each passing year.

Well, as a communications professional, giving back means helping a community as a whole. That’s what I’ve decided to do. I’m drawing on my 20+ years in the media industry to develop a new online hyper-local advertising site. Making the site hyper-local (which means intensely niche) creates a focused ecosystem for local businesses and local consumers.

This project has been planned and in development since the summer of 2011.

The service will aim to make digital advertising incredibly affordable, or even free for every small business so owners  can adapt to the ever-changing online world where local consumers now hang out.

As communications professionals, we realize that online platforms that once operated on a massive scale are today being replaced by online platforms that now shrink down markets and audiences to a very local scale.

My new online startup is not a daily deal site. Small businesses in rural communities aren’t embracing these sites for a reason: when you already operate on small margins, offering up to 90% off is an approach that makes little sense.

Look for soon in Norfolk County, ON.