Facebook Norfolk County OntarioAnyone can try this experiment. Oh, um, wait a minute! Many of you probably have done it. If the results annoy you, you are not alone.

Social media experts often do tests where they attempt to engage big brands in discussion on social media. The results are usually less than flattering. Media tends to be the worst, according to one recent study, responding to only one per cent of wall posts. Overall, the study found only five per cent of wall posts ever receive a response. That’s bad. How bad? On a tool called social media, it’s viewed as being ignorant.

This trend isn’t confined to big brands. Sadly, it tends to be prolific among mom and pop businesses too. It shouldn’t be that way. Mom and pop businesses like to promote themselves as having a unique advantage: personal, friendly service.

Ironically, small businesses like to play up the ‘community’ aspect of doing business. So, it’s surprising when there’s failure in a social community like Facebook.

Ignoring people on the phone, in person, or on social media is all the same in today’s digital age. It’s a snub.

Often, small businesses will shun the cost of having their own website, and instead use Facebook. This can be a risky strategy if you are not 100% committed to this social network.

As the number of fans grows, there’s glee. Quickly, it becomes only about how many fans you can get. Every day, you look at the total. Yipee! Another three fans! You receive Facebook email notifications that fans have posted wall comments. But you choose to ignore them. Over and over again.

And this is how the social sinkhole grows deeper and deeper every day.

Fans are following you for a reason. They ‘Like’ you! Just as fast, they will quickly realize when you aren’t interested in them.

Rather than obsessing about the number of fans on your Facebook page, start counting the number of times you respond to wall posts and interact with your fans.

That should be the true measure of your social success with Facebook.