Bad blog headlines about communicationsI promise. I promise. No ‘Tis the season headlines here. That’s one headline in particular that makes me cringe. Yet, it is used over and over again in traditional media news headlines, and in marketing promotions at this time of year.

Something else happens with ridiculous headlines at Christmastime among many communications bloggers.  Call it the dreaded ho ho horrible run on headlines that are designed to capitalize on the festive season. Maybe you read the articles beneath the headlines. I rarely do.

Here’s a top-10 list of potential headlines that will make me race for the bowl of spiked eggnog this Christmas:

(If you search hard enough, you will find headlines like these by public relations bloggers and communications pros this season!)

1. 10 things Santa can teach us about making email marketing lists

2. What Frosty can teach you about networking so you won’t appear cold

3. How wrapping presents helps you focus on target audiences

4. 15 reasons you are a Grinch on Twitter

5. 25 ways Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer can add kick to your Facebook strategy

6. What RFPs, Tim Allen and The Santa Clause have in common

7. How to deliver a speech like Burl Ives

8. What elves can teach you about building a communications plan

9. Stop being a Scrooge, it’s time to embrace Google+

10. Why getting caught under the mistletoe is good for developing your key messages