Grandparents on social media twitter and facebookMy grandfather departed this world long, long before there was even the phrase, social media or Twitter. But I think he would’ve liked the concept behind Twitter.

1. Tell stories to build your personal brand. Yes, 140 characters is short. So make them short stories. My grandfather liked short stories. I heard plenty of stories from his days walking the beat and life on the horse farm. He’d spin some short tales from his usual spot on the couch. Through his stories, I learned my grandfather was a no-nonsense cop and a no-nonsense guy who just happened to have a soft side (for horses). Who are you? You are your stories. Tell them.

2. Be polite. My grandfather was an Irish, meat and potatoes kind of gentleman. You wouldn’t cuss in front of him. Ever. Manners always mattered. Twitter is no place to start arguments, use profanity, shout in CAPITAL letters, or insult people. Oh, and say thank you. A lot.

3. Think before you tweet. My grandfather was a good listener. He’d enter the conversation when he had something worth saying. So, when he did speak up, you listened. You knew it would be worth it. Contribute to conversations when you have something worthwhile to tweet. Don’t hog a Twitter stream by posting a pile of consecutive tweets. People will just tune you out. Or unfollow you.