How to measure social media in Ontario CanadaMeasure! You have to be able to measure it! What’s our measurable return on using social media?

These lines are often directed at the people who are tasked with tweeting or posting to Facebook for their oganizations. I hear tales of social media users sitting in boardrooms and being asked: What are we getting out of all this time spent on social media? (Hint: Executives rarely want the warm and fuzzy ‘we’re building a community’ response. They’re more interested in how it’s translating into dollars, donations, etc.)
Unfortunately, ‘measuring’ has become an obsession. Sure, at some point, measuring is what you need to do. But it’s not something to become obsessed about from the get-go. Too many organizations and businesses have this obsession.
Instead, focus on growing your community of like-minded followers by 1. Creating and sustaining conversations. 2. Providing great content that aligns with your far-reaching goals. 3. And developing your brand’s voice on social media.

Social media is like an RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan). It takes time to grow. You will make gains (in followers). You will have losses (followers). Eventually you will have something that is measurable.
Being obsessed with analytics in the early stages is bound to leave you disappointed and contemplating ditching social media altogether. Of course, that’s easily measurable. It’s called a #fail.