newspaper ad design ontario canadaMany businesses today continue to let newspapers handle the design of their ads. It’s seen as the easy way. Buy ad space. Have the newspaper design the ad.

But the results often speak for themselves today, especially in small to medium markets.

You can easily tell which businesses and organizations have put their ad design in the hands of professional designers, rather than letting a newspaper take care of the design. The difference in quality is noticeable.

If you’re spending all that money for ad space, it only makes sense to make the best use of the ad space by having an ad that attracts consumers’ eyes.

Here are five reasons not to put your ad design in the hands of newspapers today:

1. Ads are typically visually unappealing. There is so much copy and lack of design that the ads just blend in with the mass of news text already on the page. This reduces the odds that your ad will ever be seen.

2. Ad design is usually not handled locally. Years ago, when you placed an ad, the actual design was done at the location where you bought the ad. Not anymore. Many mega media chains now have factory shops in far away cities. Your ad design is now part of an assembly line that must churn out ads fast.

3. Quality control is lacking. Have you received an ad proof and noticed that it is riddled with typos? It is a common complaint today. Again, it is a direct result of a factory shop approach to ad design. The pressure to produce quantity often hurts quality. And, worst of all, when you complain about ad design your concern is rarely appreciated by a factory shop ‘designer’ who doesn’t physically live and work in your community.

4. Reliance on the same recycled clipart. Newspapers typically use clipart CDs or online services that are specifically for media companies. Have you noticed the same variety of cartoonish clipart in newspaper ads? It’s a common problem. That’s because newspapers typically use the same content over and over again from the same clipart services. Say goodbye to your ads looking unique.

5. You can’t speak to the designer. With factory shop approaches to ad design now being used by many newspapers, your ad design could be worked on by different designers. You can’t speak to the designer. That’s just the way it works. You have to communicate through a middleperson (ad sales rep).