10 greatest words of wisdomHere are 10 of the greatest bits of wisdom I’ve learned over the years. Some are quite possibly rooted in similar words expressed by others, the origin of which are long forgotten (with apologies).

1. Creating a picture in your head is the best canvas for moving forward.

2. You need to remember one word for messaging that connects. You. You got it!

3.  Don’t worry about the competitor who does potluck, when you bring cuisine to the table.

4. Offering something for free doesn’t generate loyalty. Your authenticity does.

5. If you’re not willing to invest in your own service, don’t expect others to invest in using your service.

6. It’s a competitive world out there. You always have something that gives you an advantage. Find it. Use it.

7. Learn something from everyone… even people who are the biggest pains in the neck.

8. The fact someone takes time out of their day to telephone you with a complaint is a great thing. They care.

9. Listen. Listen a lot. People appreciate compassionate people.

10.  Humour is one of the best tools in anyone’s toolbox for living.