Don't become a Facebook spammer by clicking Like on every postOne of the classic mistakes made by new businesses on Facebook is to hit ‘Like’ on every post you see. You think that by doing this you’ll build your page Likes fast. True, you may do so. But there’s a long-term pitfall of being a ‘Like’ spammer on everyone’s most recent posts.

I regularly see businesses robotically Liking every new post that is added on Facebook. After a while it becomes plainly obvious that you are not genuine.  You will quickly be identified as a serial ‘Like’ spammer with little authenticity behind all your thumbs ups on Facebook. You may eventually start to lose followers too. Most certainly, the social value of your Likes on posts will be diminished. People will soon figure you out….. “Oh, he/she clicks Like on everything!”

If you really want to get engaged on Facebook, be selective with your Likes, but most importantly, add  comments. This is usually what separates the pretenders from the genuine. And make your comments meaningful, or at least show that you have some real insight or connection to the posts. But don’t comment on every single post either. You don’t want to become annoying. Be selective. Build your reputation for quality commenting. In other words, quality over quantity. This is how you increase your social value on Facebook. Conversation beats Likes in the long run. Period.

You don’t achieve social success on Facebook by going the spammy ‘Like’ route on posts. Yech!