the art of listening on social mediaIt’s easy to do a tweet on Twitter or add a post on Facebook. Businesses and organizations do it every day. Some are fanatical about adding lots of posts. But sadly, that’s where it ends for many businesses and organizations.

Check any organization or business Facebook or Twitter page. Too many businesses simply add a post and then forget about it. It’s selfish. They want you to read their posts and tweets. But they don’t really care if you comment. That’s because they have no intention of engaging with you. It’s all about them. It’s not about you.

The most savvy businesses and organizations have very active communities on social media. Why? Because they are listening. They are hearing what is being posted by users. And they are responding to users.

Imagine being at a speaker at a conference and allowing the audience to ask questions. Imagine ignoring the questions. That’s pretty much the equivalent of using Facebook and Twitter and ignoring your community. People have Liked or Followed you because they want to be part of your community. They want to be heard, when they ask a question.

It’s time to review your efforts to Listen. One of the simplest skills to master is often one of the most neglected.