Unfiltered newsFor more than a century, the public has turned to newspapers, radio stations and television stations for news. No medium has quite challenged these institutions like social media. Today, sites like Twitter and Facebook provide the public with unfiltered access to organizations, celebrities and sports stars.

So what does this mean for your organization or business? It means you can also tap into this direct conduit to your audience. Certainly, I wouldn’t recommend eliminating the use of traditional media. But with social media, you can tailor your message and be in control of it, respond directly to inquiries, and carry on a conversation.

You can’t, for example, do that with a traditional paper newspaper. You have to request a followup story. Write a rebuttal letter to editor. Argue about whether you were misquoted. Or ask for a clarification to be printed. The whole time, everything is filtered. It’s filtered for word count. It’s filtered over whether it is even necessary to publish it.

How are you using the brilliance of an unfiltered resource to directly engage with your audience and deliver the message that you want?