Canadian journalists and social mediaYup, it can get pretty frustrating talking to some people and organizations about social media. You get every excuse in the tattered book of tired old excuses. No time. We don’t need it. It’s just a fad. That’s just for the kids. It’s nothing but people telling other people they’re going for a coffee. And so on.

You can try to talk sense into people. But there are always those individuals who won’t listen. That’s when it’s time to roll out Plan B. OK, Plan B is about literally whacking them over the head. With analogies, of course.

All right. Some people do oppose embracing social media.  Go ahead, mention to these people that….

  • People once winced at the thought of computers and all the ‘valuable’ time they would consume, compared to typewriters
  • The Pony Express once was viewed as the modern way of delivering mail
  • Before flint, rubbing sticks together was the accepted way to start a fire
  • Some people were still clinging to the manual roller-ringer washers, even after the arrival of the modern washer  machine and dryer
  • The abacas was once the ‘best’ way to add and subtract
  • Animals and falling water once provided all the ‘power’ we needed
  • MySpace was once cool
  • Yeah, AltaVista was once the ultimate internet search engine!

OK, OK. You get the picture. Society evolves. Technologies evolve. And how humans communicate evolves. Social media is this era’s IT tool. We likely won’t be saying that in 2055. But for now, it’s here. Adapt. Embrace.

Got an analogy? Please share, just for the fun of it!