Rural TechThere are some really great event names out there. Green Living Show. The Cottage Life Show. The Home Show. They all share three things in common: 1) Simple. 2) Memorable. 3) Easily transferrable to all kinds of marketing materials, including signage, apparel, brochures, etc.

For comparison sake, take a look at the fictitious event name here. Rural Tech & Innovation Systems Lifestyle Exchange. It’s awkward. Period.

What are the key problems with event names like this?

Well, here are just a few:

  • It’s long-winded. You have to read it two or three times to grasp it. What does it mean? It lacks clarity. If your audience has trouble defining it, you have a promotion problem.
  • It’s not easily transferrable. Try putting Rural Tech & Innovation Systems Lifestyle Exchange on a billboard and reading it from a distance. Try putting all those words on promotional T-shirts, magnets, brochures, or even condensing it for a website url address. Yikes!
  • Your word-of-mouth advertising will be a garbled mess. Most people will never say, “Hey, I’m going to the Rural Tech & Innovation Systems Lifestyle Exchange.” Nope. Some will say they’re going to the lifestyle show, the rural tech show, the innovation show, or the what’cha-ma-call-it show. It’s guaranteed pre-event audience confusion.

What should you do if you’re planning an event and need to think of a name? The first ‘name’ you come up with should be revised and revised further. The KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) rule is a must.

Forget about trying to impress yourself with a fancy shmancy event name. It’s your audience that matters.