twitter and facebook in norfolk county ontarioWhen considering social media training, be sure to look at whether the ‘trainer’ actively uses social media. It sounds like an obvious pre-screening move. But it is a step often overlooked. Unfortunately.

Whenever something new comes out, you don’t have to look too far to find somebody hanging out a shingle to offer ‘training’. Learn Twitter! Learn Facebook! Discover LinkedIn! “Hey, we’ll ‘learn’ how to use these,” some hopeful attendees will exclaim.

Before you ever agree to a group or individual training session for Twitter, Facebook, etc., do some homework. Look up the trainer’s Twitter account. Look up their Facebook account. Has it not been updated in months? You might be surprised to find an inactive Twitter account too. Or worse, a Twitter account that was created by has zero Tweets. Yup. That means the ‘trainer’ is a non-social user of Twitter.

Skilled social media trainers will be able to offer you real-time experiences during training by bringing together their network of online users. Trainers can instantly interact with their extensive contacts on social media, and let you see the results in real time. This is truly ‘live’ training. In other words, such trainers won’t simply ‘talk’ about social media. They will be able to ‘show’ you social media. That’s a big difference.

There’s more to social media training than being able to talk about it. But talking about it is all ‘trainers’ can do when they aren’t active on social media.