Social media gives you and your organization a huge advantage for marketing and advertising today. Gone are those days when you relied on one medium to connect with audiences. Traditional media (radio and newspapers) is no longer your ONLY option.

Facebook TwitterSocial media like Twitter and Facebook allows you to cut out the middleman, or at least, reduce your dependence on it. Radio stations and newspapers have traditionally played the sole middleman role for years. They have built their sales pitch as being your only conduit to reach the masses. Social media changes that. And it does it in a big way. Now, you can be in control.

Now, nobody’s advocating totally dumping the use of traditional media. But it’s certainly no longer the only tool. Newspapers and radio are steadily losing market share as the go-to tools. Social media gives you the power to create your message, deliver your message on your terms, and engage directly with your audience.

Best of all, developing strategies to use social media are often more affordable than traditional media. For example, rather than spending $2,000+ on a full page newspaper ad that gets you one-day exposure, limited ROI, and then the paper is dumped in the blue box, you could develop a social media strategy for much less. And it’s a strategy that would be designed for longevity and growth.

How are you using social media to bypass the middleman and connect with your target audience? Think outside those old strategies that ended up in the blue box after a day or so.