One of my pet peeves is bad design.

I cringe when I see a web design company forget to change a default favicon to the client’s custom favicon. (A favicon is that little symbol that shows up next to the url in your web browser.) Companies, organizations and people like to create and use their own favicons. But many open source web software  systems, like WordPress and Joomla, come with their own default favicon.

I cringe when I see amateurish newspaper ads that recycle the same cartoonish clipart characters through many different client ads.

And I cringe when I see websites that are dreadful, because in this age of the Internet, a website does create the first impression in many, many instances.

Here are three sources to view bad design. Enjoy! Or, should I say, weep?

25 worst alternate jerseys in hockey history (via Bleacher Report)

Worst websites of 2010 (via Web Pages That Suck)

Really, really bad logo designs (via the How Low Can Your Logo Go contest website)