The other day I found some interesting information that I wanted to pass along to a fellow tweeter. There was just one problem. I couldn’t remember the person’s Twitter handle. It wasn’t memorable. And therein lies a problem with many user accounts on Twitter.

If you have a Twitter or other social media handle like Bobe567Cdn or EelMonkeyElle or HdnXTC89, you are not memorable. You may think your handle is cute. Or it has some special meaning to you. But to the outside world, your username is like a word jumble.

A few points worth considering when picking a username, or modifying your existing one:

1. Do a simple test: Write down your username on a piece of paper. Let someone look at it for 10 seconds. Wait 30 minutes. Ask them to write down your username on a piece of paper. If they struggle, your username is probably not very memorable.

2. Cute doesn’t always work. Sure, calling yourself AppullGrannee may seem cute, and a variation of AppleGranny, but honestly, will anyone remember how to spell it the cutesy way? No. Whenever possible, keep it simple. Or think of a new username.

3.  Mixing upper and lower case letters, and using numbers is WAY too confusing: Our eyes are easily confused. Mixing upper and lower case in a username, such as HeeLTdeAL or me89iYOU causes eyes to flit back and forth, up and down across a word, rather than the more natural left to right flow. A good username is easy on the eyes, which in turn, transmit information to our brains. If the eyes can’t manage a word, our brains certainly won’t either.

What are some great social media usernames that you have seen? What makes them so memorable?