Facebook is the planet’s largest social networking site. Chances are your business or organization has a fan page on Facebook. But it’s very likely your organization isn’t using Facebook in a way that helps you stand out in a very crowded space. You have two choices with Facebook: 1. Be like the other hundreds of millions of fan pages. or, 2. Have a unique look on Facebook.

Most organizations have the standard logo and that’s it. But you can do much more. Facebook offers the capabilities to have a custom-made landing page created. It’s probably not something you can do yourself, unless you know HTML and have some design skills. But regardless, having a custom-made Facebook landing page built is an affordable option. It’s also a great way to drive traffic back to your main website.

Below is the custom-made Facebook Welcome page we built for WorkCabin.ca, Canada’s largest Environmental Jobs Site. We also use a custom Welcome page on WorkCabin Communications’ Facebook page. Plus, here are some other custom-made pages to check out featuring major brands built by other designers: Red Bull, Wine Library. The possibilities are endless for design and messaging that meets your needs.

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