It’s still surprising how many funny looks you get when you suggest to organizations, nonprofits and businesses to advertise on Facebook. “Huh?” is the reaction you most often get.

Considering how much organizations and businesses spend on traditional advertising, such as newspapers and on radio stations, Facebook advertising offers a far more affordable alternative or complementary choice. Here are three reasons why you should be considering advertising on Facebook:

1. It’s targeted advertising, unlike anything you can get with traditional media. You likely don’t want to reach all 500 million users of Facebook. With Facebook advertising, you have incredible niche targeting capabilities. Traditional media can’t come close to matching the precision of Facebook. You can select the community you wish to target. You can select your target age range. You can refine whether you want to reach a male or female, or both, audience within your target commuity.  You can also choose keywords to specifically target users by the keywords they have in their profiles. In the end, your Facebook ad will only appear to Facebook users with the parameters matching your needs. Traditional media can’t do any of these!

2. It’s ridiculously inexpensive. You can choose cost-per-click advertising whereby you only pay when someone clicks your ad. The cost-per-click could be less than a buck. Either way, you’ll know your cost up front. And best of all, you can select your daily budget limit. Only want to pay a maximum of $3 per day? Done! Stop your ad at any time. Revise your ad at anytime. Flexibility to adjust and refine your ad on the fly is a huge plus, compared to traditional media.

3. It won’t be ridiculously inexpensive forever. The time to get started with Facebook advertising is NOW! You can be sure the cost will rise in the future. For the present time, it’s the best advertising deal on the planet for reaching only the market you want.