If there’s one oversight that’s common on many, many websites today it’s this: they’re simply not personable. More than likely, you have a team at your workplace. To the outside world (read: potential clients or customers) who are these people? On most websites, they’re simply a name, an email address, and a telephone number and extension.

It’s time to start engaging people more. A simple technique can help you develop an initial connection.

Your website presents an exceptionally good opportunity for a 24/7 virtual introduction that goes one step beyond the usual About Me or About Us page. You can get the ‘conversation’ started by adding a Q&A page. Here’s my example of a Q&A page where I help visitors get to know me a little bit more intimately. I’ve used a lighthearted approach in my Q&A because that’s reflects my personality.  You can tailor a Q&A page to what best suits you.

Have some fun. And start helping people to get to know you better!