Why do I enjoy being a communications consultant? I can think of hundreds of reasons, but I’ll begin with 10.

1. Demand: No organizations or business is perfect. There are problems that always need solving.

2. Career joy: I only work for clients I respect and projects that I care about.

3. Flexibility: From my office, using modern technology, I can work with a client anywhere in the world. And, if it’s close by, I can work face to face.

4. 110%: It’s my name that drives my business. Therefore I use all my talents — and more — all the time to help clients.

5. Ethics: My personal code reflects my values of honesty, integrity and having fun while doing my job!

6. Variety: Every day is different for a consultant. That ensures my skill in assessing problems and creating solutions remains fresh.

7. Purpose: By showing care and concern about clients’ issues and creating solutions that meet their needs, I gain a sense of great personal satisfaction. A smile and a thank you make my days wonderful.

8. I work for the best boss: Um, yes, that would be me!

9. Change: I get to adapt hour by hour to the needs of clients.

10. Experience: I’ve accumulated a vast wealth of life experiences. I’ve learned from both good and bad experiences. It all makes me a better consultant able to see perspectives from many different angles.