Don’t have a website?

“A website?” some business people will ask, their faces showing that surprised look. “Why do I need one of those? It doesn’t matter for the business I’m in.”

Doh. Yes, it does matter. You absolutely need a website. Even if it’s just a one page basic site. It’s hard to believe one even needs to promote the value of having a website, but clearly, not everyone gets it.

No doubt, when you started your business, you searched and searched for the right name. When you found it, you registered it with the government! And then you put your sign up.

Why do some businesses not look at the Internet in the same way? You need to claim your name (domain name). And then you need to put your sign up on the web.

Here’s what I tell business people who have no presence on the web – yet. The Yellow Pages’ iconic slogan ‘Let Your Fingers Do The Walking’ was great for the 1980s. But today, consumers ‘Let Their Fingers do the Clicking’. On the web of course.

When I was recently looking to buy used car parts close to home, I didn’t turn to the old Yellow Pages shoved in a drawer somewhere. I started searching on the web with keywords that included my local area. I found suppliers within a 20-minute drive. Their websites weren’t anything special. But they had what I needed. Basic info and a telephone number.

Unlike the Yellow Pages, you can fine tune a website to get noticed in your target market based on keywords that are most important to your consumers. It’s called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If your business doesn’t have a website and can’t be found on Google, you’re lost in the era of 21st Century promotion.

You must have two addresses today. Your physical address. And your web address.