Twitter use is still in its infancy here in Norfolk County, Ontario. Tweeters representing municipal government and promotion rarely engage. Organizations don’t do #FF. You’ll even have a tough time  getting the mayor to engage or follow you back.

But there’s another basic oversight that happens every day on Twitter with users here: use of the hashtag #NorfolkCounty is almost non existent. Hopefully that will soon change. I keep trying to promote the use of #NorfolkCounty.

You don’t have to live in Norfolk County, Ontario to face this dilemma over hashtags. Having a hashtag that best promotes and represents your community is Twitter 101. Whether you are the #Kawarthas, #Muskoka, #ParrySound or #Brantford, hashtags are essential. The reason is simple: hashtags are the equivalent of crowd sourcing on social media. It’s a tool that works, BIG time. You can instantly search a hashtag such as #NorfolkCounty and easily connect with other users who share the same interest.

Don’t confine hashtags to just a city, town or municipality. Start using hashtags that represent your brand.

Happy hashtagging and tweeting!