What’s the greatest single piece of advice for anyone using social media? Be yourself. That’s right. Nothing fancy shmancy about that. It’s straightforward.

Too often, people on social media try to create  an online persona that isn’t real. In other words, they come to social media treating it as a costume party. The problem with this approach is that it will all eventually come crashing down. You will be revealed. And not in a good way.

To get the most out of social media, network and create connections for the long term, just being you is a winning approach. And by ‘winning’, I don’t mean in the Charlie Sheen world of ‘winning’ (whatever it is he’s ‘winning’ this week).

Skilled people on social media let their personalities shine through. They talk about their skills, sure, but they also share faults, goofups, humour and everyday life.

If the person is truly humorous in real life, well, that will come across in their social media use too. Likewise for personality. If what people read on social media is what they get in person, you’re doing pretty well with your Tweeting.

Be authentic. Throw away your cape and tights, or magical wristbands. Be the person you really are. That’s how you succeed on social media and how you succeed when you go beyond the avatar to connect in person.