Do you work in an office where social media access is blocked, or frowned upon?

Unfortunately, some employers today still stereotype social media as being nothing more than a personal gabfest that has nothing to do with actually working. As result, social media is seen as something which costs the company time and money.

There will always be employees who abuse social media throughout a work day. But there’s no denying that social media represents a truly incredible knowledge-building and networking tool for everyday employees.

If you use social media you already know why it matters to workplaces: It instantly connects you to a pool of experts and fellow industry specialists. You can share information. You can bounce ideas. You can seek help and advice. And where does this all happen? From the comfort of your chair or smartphone.

This sounds a lot like a huge daily cost-savings for employers. The alternative is spending thousands to send staff to conferences each day.

If your employer is resisting social media integration for employees, it’s because they’re likely afraid of the ‘personal gabfest’ factor. How social media is used in the workplace can be addressed through creating a social media policy for employees. Such a policy will set boundaries, guidelines, goals and target audiences. It should also set rules of engagement when tweeting or facebooking with the public or industry professionals.

Hopefully, you have an employer who is open to social media in the workplace. If you don’t, a discussion around adopting a social media policy can help open the door.

Social media policy tool for agriculture, nonprofit, environment in Ontario
Easily create a draft social media policy

One terrific tool for developing a policy is a free made-in-Canada online solution, called Policy Tool, developed by London, ON based rtraction. The tool was developed by rtraction and David Canton, a leading internet and technology lawyer. It allows organizations and companies to create customized draft social media policies — it can save you money by allowing you to generate a draft policy that’s instantly ready for review by your legal team. The tool is free for personal or commercial use.