It’s the one thing that really bugs many people who use social media such as Twitter: How can some people be so unsocial? Hello. Didn’t they get the memo? It’s called social media.

Here are five sure-fire signals that you might be following a TweetSnob and it might be time to hit the unfollow button.

1. It’s a robot that’s Tweeting, not a human. You can easily spot these ghost Tweeters. At the bottom of each Tweet, look for words such as via API, via RSS2twitter, or via twitterfeed, etc. You can click on the exact words to learn more. If it’s a robot, there will be very little, or zero social activity on this person’s Twitter account. The person isn’t interested in getting to know you. All he/she wants is a one-sided relationship: robotic tweets solely designed to get you to click links back to their website.

2. The person calls himself/herself a social media guru / trainer / expert but has very few tweets and even fewer followers. Avoid these social media snobs like the plague. They discredit everyone who is trying to help people learn social media. Anyone who calls himself/herself a social media guru and then can’t back it up with real activity has their nose so high in the sky you’ll need Sherpas to find it.

3. The person rarely, if ever, acknowledges retweets, #FollowFriday recommendations, or any other form of attempted relationship-building. Goodbye!

4. The person’s Twitter name is mysterious and their bio is so stupid you wonder what their purpose is. Honestly, do we really want to follow someone on Twitter with the user name @DeadChickenButthead who has a bio that reads: I write stupid stuff. We all have one question for these kinds of Tweeters: Who the heck are you (besides a DeadChickenButthead) and what are you hiding from? These people don’t want you to get to know them.

5. Every tweet is little more than a web link. Do you want to be the North Korea (North Korea’s gov’t tweets at @uriminzokof) of Twitter? No conversation. No socializing. No interaction. Just links. Sorry, these one-way Tweeters simply don’t care about you.