Not sure where to begin with Facebook or Twitter? Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of trying to manage an account that tries to capture everything your organization or business does?

The good news is there’s an easier way to get your feet wet and ease into using social media.

Creating an account that is dedicated to one specific event is an easy solution. Plus, it’s a terrific free marketing tool that’s highly viral.

Get started today building your online community around an exciting event.

Five tips to remember:

1. Social media as an event promotion tool is inexpensive compared to other advertising avenues. Compared to the cost of advertising in a newspaper, on radio, or on television, marketing via social media is highly cost-effective. You can target your audience more precisely and get people involved in marketing your event too through viral means.

2. Narrow focus on goals will keep staff focused. Having a free-for-all social media account where anything goes for tweets or posts can be a potential risk for any organization or business. By identifying one event, and creating specific goals and parameters, your staff will have clear direction on purpose of using social media.

3. Use social media for your giveaways too. Too often giveaways are confined to newspaper ads or radio promotions. Bring social media into the mix. Not only are you giving stuff away, you’ll be able to connect directly with winners and build excitement in a way that rarely happens with newspaper or radio ads (winners simply show up to collect their prize, and you likely never meet them).

4. Use social media to drive traffic to your website. The relationship between social media and websites is often overlooked by people resisting tools such as Twitter or Facebok. Most people who use social media as a web traffic driver will tell you the proof is in the analytics. Twitter and Facebook are major traffic drivers. You can use social media to drive potential customers to online registration forms, photo galleries, etc.

5. You can easily co-manage social media accounts to promote the same event. Worried that trying to operate a Twitter and Facebook account is simply too much? Relax. Simple applications such as TweetDeck allow you to instantly and effortlessly manage both accounts at the same time.

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