Are you going to be interviewed by a news reporter over phone? Are you going to be interviewed over the phone for a potential job? What about having a networking conversation on the phone?

Here’s some sound advice: Get off your butt. That’s right. Get out of your chair and stand up. Why? You’ll act more natural and it will come across in your tone.

Standing up while talking on the phone is one of the favourite tricks of great communicators.

It’s too bad more phones weren’t located on walls like the good old days. That used to force people to get up, go to the phone, and talk while standing up. The worst thing that could happen for phone conversations did: phones became desktop fixtures. The trouble is that sitting down and talking is not a perfect solution. Our bodies remain static. Instead, we are hunched and muscles are bent in a fixed position. We lose ease of animation.

When we stand up and talk, we have energy. Try walking just a couple of paces as you talk. The tone of your voice instantly becomes more natural. Your pitch changes far more easily too. You may even find that you move your hands more as you talk. That also translates into energy in your voice.

There’s an old saying about some people being able to think quickly on their feet. There’s definitely merit in that statement.

Give it a try. When talking on the phone, you shouldn’t be sitting down on the job if you want to make a great impression.