You have less than 30 seconds to capture the attention of a reader. If you fail, the reader will put down your news release, or worse, throw it in the waste basket. When that happens, all the time you’ve spent creating the news release is a waste too. Here are 10 tips to give your news releases instant readability:
1. Make sure your information is newsworthy. What makes this release news worth reading?

2. Grab readers attention early. Readers want to know “Why should I care?” If your news release answers this question, they’ll continue reading.

3. Your first paragraph is your hook to grab readers’ attention: start with a brief description, and then distinguish who is announcing it. Don’t put your organization or company name
first, then proceed with a brief description.

4. Create a strong main headline that answers the question: What’s this about? Your headline will be a huge deciding factor whether readers click to read more or not.

5. If your first dozen words in the news release are weak, you’ll lose readers fast. Make sure your first words have zip.

6. Don’t get wordy. Short sentences of 10 to 15 words are easiest to read.

7. One page news release is sufficient, usually about four to five paragraphs.

8. At the bottom of your release, include contact information (web, email, fax, phone, address, as needed).

9. Only issue news releases when you have something to report. Don’t dilute the power of your brand messaging by issuing frequent ‘nothing’ news releases.

10. Always review your news release for typos, grammar, readability and punctuation before you submit it.